About Us

Here’s Our Main Services


We are providing healthy food that well keep you physically, mentally and medically fit with ultra-fast home delivery in an affordable price..

Hygenic Home CookedFood

Health is wealth. A sound mind in the sound body. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Instant Delivery

Eatose offers you the best courier and parcel delivery services in Pakistan. Instant home delivery within no time.

Affordable PricedFood

Eat healthy and home cooked price in a reasonable budget, Stay Healthy and Stay Smart.



Eatose is a platform where we are providing an opportunity to earn money. Millions of women are now working from their houses and earing money from online sources. Eatose is a similar platform which is providing an opportunity to increase your income by spending some time in ketchen. Join us and be a part of our team to earn about 60,000 in a month. Cook food at home and we will provide you a platform to earn money. Eatose is basically working on two principles.

Principles of Eatose

• To Empower women

One of 1st and main purpose of Eatose is to empower women so they can work freely from home and can earn money to increase monthly income. We are providing a ticket to women for their better life. Millions of girls and women are subjected to abuse, child marriage and other horrible offenses. We are trying to stop this brutality and cruelty by promoting women skills at a safe which is their home. We are trying to empower women so they can stand and fight against this cruel system.

• Provide Healthy Food to Outside Workers and Students

Our moto is to give you a healthy food that can improve your health because “Health is Wealth”. Peoples who are working away from their houses often remain sick and remain late or off from their duties. According to our observation 70% peoples are suffering in food poisoning. We care about your health and we are trying to provide you a healthy and home cooked food so you can enhance your working skills because “A sound mind in the sound body”.